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This game is currently in development. There is no download or playable content. All information is based Developer Journals, the Kickstarter, and community discussions with developers.


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Chronicles of Elyria has been built with four basic abstract character roles in mind. Each role plays a unique part in the economy, requires different skill sets, and splits into different sub-specialties. Despite this general design consensus, there is no defined set of player roles per se, and players will be able to decide what role or roles they want to play and may combine skills to their own choosing.

Different roles and specialties require different levels of capital, human resources, and ingenuity. As a player, your tolerance for risk and the types of activities you like to do will help you naturally determine which Character Roles are suitable for you.[1][2]

Each character role is designed for different kinds of player on a spectrum of social or RP to combat-oriented game play with Producer being at the social end, champion being at the opposite end, with both Supplier and Explorer somewhere in-between as hybrids. [3]

Champion[ | ]

Champions are the bodyguards, sell-sword, soldiers, and dungeon-delvers of the world. When Explorers discover uncharted new territories, it is the Champion who proceeds forward and gives the all clear. When merchants makes their way along dangerous trade routes, it’s the Champion who keeps them safe. And the core of any economy, formed by the workforce of suppliers and producers, relies on ready-for-action regular presence of law enforcers.

Explorer[ | ]

Explorers are those who specialize in survival skills, allowing them to be out of town for long periods of time, roaming the badlands, braving forests, and wading through swamps. They're the treasure hunters of the world. Whether it’s an untapped mine, an unspoiled tomb, or a magical tree in the middle of an uncharted forest, Explorers make their living by knowing what's where, and charting the safest way to get there.

Producer[ | ]

The Producers are the crafters of the world, such as blacksmiths, bakers, alchemists, and tailors.

Supplier[ | ]

Farmer characters

Farmer concept art

Suppliers are those responsible for getting necessary resources to Producers. Suppliers are further divided into Gatherers and Merchants.

  • Gatherers are responsible for gathering or raising basic resources, such as ore, gems, wood, food crops, animal by-products, and so on.
  • Merchants travel long distances to sell more extraordinary or rare materials in places they are geographically unavailable.

In either case, it’s not uncommon for both Merchants and Gatherers to use large wagons and keep bodyguards around.

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