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Introduction[ | ]

The Elyrian solar system contains a number of celestial bodies, several of which exert significant influence on the Tribes of Mann, whether through actual effects on the world or through cultural interpretations.

Astronomy & Astrology[ | ]

The field of knowledge of Astronomy deals with the study and understanding of the characteristics and the movement of the celestial bodies of Elyria. The related field of knowledge Astrology seeks to interpret the relationship between astronomical phenomena, such as the identified Houses of the Zodiac, and events and developments in the world of Elyria. More on each of these fields of knowledge can be found on the related wiki pages.

Celestial Bodies[ | ]

The following are the currently astronomically identified and classified celestial bodies.

astronomists have identified which aspects of Elyrian life are represented by those bodies. These are also mentioned below.
Note that these are unofficial and to be considered placeholders for the time being.[1]

Angelica[ | ]

Angelica sun

Angelica appears to be a binary star.

Angelica represents life, light and fire.

Planets[ | ]

Aiden[ | ]

Aiden planet

Aiden represents opposition and defense.

Ao[ | ]

Ao planet

Ao is the first planet from Angelica.

It represents recovery, enterprise and ambition.

Elyria[ | ]

(no image yet)

Gulain[ | ]

Gulain planet

Gulain is the 7th planet from Angelica.

Gulain represents ambition, wealth, great loss, reversals of fortune.

Luna[ | ]

Luna planet

Luna represents shadow, deception and mystery.

Modestos[ | ]

Modestos planet

Modestos represents family, love, fidelity and regret.

Mydra[ | ]

Mydra planet

Mydra represents duty, obligation and imperative.

Pacyen[ | ]

Pacyen planet

Pacyen represents reflection, judgement and awareness.

Pudoros[ | ]

Pudoros planet

Pudoros represents escape, success, and aid.

Sanguinis[ | ]

Sanguinis planet

Sanguinis represents loss and pursuit

Selene[ | ]

Selene planet

An oddly-shaped planet that moves between Angelica and Elyria every 52 years or so, causing the Longest Night.

Represents conspiracy, mystery and hidden knowledge.

Comets[ | ]

Iniqi[ | ]

Iniqi comet

Iniqi represents sacrifice, misfortune and failure.

Libodos[ | ]

Libodos comet

Libidos represents betrayal and great change.

The Eye[ | ]

TheEye comet

Every 52 years, a comet appears in the sky, dominating the view for the course of a year. Seen as a bright white streak across the sky with a dark black pit at its head, the comet is an omen to many faiths, symbolizing a period when life and death are in equilibrium and the veil between the spirit realm and Elyria is drawn away. It’s a time when the living and the unincarnated souls of the dead can interact more freely, and darker, hungrier creatures of the spirit realm are free to dwell in the land of the living.

Some scholars see the appearance of the Eye as a sign that the long winter, or Longest Night, will come in the next 5 to 6 years. The Eye also plays a part in several Al'Tifali legends concerning the Queen's Gaze.

The eye represents family, death and judgement, "and some other things".

Pledge Packages[ | ]

Some pledge packages include the option to name a star or constellation in the game.

  • Kickstarter packages - Astronomer and higher
  • Current packages - Magistrate and higher

Claiming a star:

When the time comes, we will publish the Elyrian star map with all the unclaimed stars listed with a simple designation code (e.g. K-375). Your star, or stars, will be picked from this list and their designations will be replaced with the names you choose. You'll be able to choose the stars within existing constellations as well and we'll also consider requests to create new constellations with your stars on a case by case basis. Please note, however, that if you purchase the stars of a constellation, only the main or guide star of the constellation will gleam when you gaze at it.- Snipehunter, Lead Designer[2]

References[ | ]

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