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Pre-Alpha Comparison boats

A size-comparison of the Rowboat, River Barge, Coastal Raider and Coastal Cutter.

At game launch, boats can be used to travel rivers, lakes and along the coast. Traveling the oceans to reach other continents will not be available until the players have researched the required technologies.[1] [2]

Small[ | ]

Medium[ | ]

Miscellaneous Boat information

Boats are intended to hold more than one person but can only be used for short distances or over shallow water as they aren't large enough to hold the necessary provisions for a longer voyage.

Regarding ships, when someone intends on sailing to another continent, they may or may not require a larger crew of people manning the vessel though this depends largely on the amount of sails the vessel has. Once ships are in-game, the goal is to let players be free to walk about the ship as it moves.[3]

See also Settlements (roaming ship-settlements)

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