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Introduction[ | ]

Bloodlust is a mechanism that is effective during pitched battles. It covers increased death penalty incurred when players are in proximity to nobility. On the battlefield, "in proximity" is within unit range, whereas out of the battlefield it is the typical "adventuring range".[1]

When a player is within proximity of nobility and are coup de graced, they suffer a higher initial death penalty than the normal 2-day penalty. However, after the initial penalty, there is no penalty for repeated deaths for an increasing amount of time, depending on the rank of nobility.

Death Penalty Day-Multiplier[ | ]


  • Counts 4x
  • Duke's 6x
  • Kings 8x

Example: If a soldier were to die within proximity of the king on a battlefield it would result in a 16 day death penalty to their spirit loss.

As a result, even if a soldier were to get a 16-day spirit loss penalty they can also go for a longer period of time without getting another penalty. This creates an effect where players within proximity of nobility try "extra hard" not to die, as the initial penalty is stiff. However after dying once, they become fearless and enraged, as repeated deaths come with no additional penalty - hence the term "Bloodlust".[1]

It should be noted that an increasing re-spawn timer and other balancing Astral Plane mechanics are still in play, to prevent perpetual battles.

Note: Waerd do not get Bloodlust, which is the most significant reason for why Waerd do not do pitched battle - they suffer spirit loss every time they die. This cultural penalty is called "No Bloodlust". The other buff Waerd get that doesn't happen on the battlefield for Waerd is "Bolstering". However, Waerd do get Bloodlust and the penalties do not apply when they are within range of, and defending, a settlement.[2]

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