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Artifacts are named items that are involved in the gaining of an Achievement. Being a part of history causes the item to carry around a certain degree of lore with it. As a result, all artifacts have active and/or passive bonuses which are bestowed to the wielder/wearer in the same way Achievements are bestowed to those who complete them.

Artifacts which are created while completing Server-Once Achievements are even more powerful and are referred to as Legendary Items.

Artifact status is only awarded to items of a certain minimum quality. Once the item becomes an Artifact, it becomes indestructible. The fact that an item appears to be indestructible, is a good indicator it is indeed an Artifact. However, for any of the activated abilities to become available to the wielder, the object must first be identified by someone with the necessary knowledge. Only then can the artifact's active abilities be unlocked and used.

Note: Passive benefits on Artifacts are always available, even before someone identifies that the item is an artifact.[1]

Implicit Contracts and Artifacts[ | ]

It should be known that some Artifacts may apply an Implicit Contract to the wearer.

The Design Journal 7: Contracts & Player Created Professions[2] reads:

"Simply equipping or wearing the item is enough to initiate the contract. Perhaps the most important example is the Ring of the King. Once someone with sufficient claim puts it on, they are bound by contract to fulfill the role of the king."

Implying that certain objects within the world may bound a character by certain rules, laws and/or expectations if equipped.

Known Artifacts[ | ]

The artifacts category page lists all presently known artifacts.

References[ | ]