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Disambig This article is about the Qindred deity. For the game server located in the Western US, see Angelica (server).

Angelica and Luna

Angelica is the Qin of Light, the first Qin.

In the beginning there was just the one. Her name was Angelica. Angelica was alone in the vast emptiness and so she brought light into the world so she would feel warmth and see color. At the moment she created the Light, the cosmos spread out around her, expanding, filling the world with hundreds of billions of spiral and elliptical light sources, each themselves filled with hundreds of billions of lights.

But with the Light also came the Darkness, for one day Angelica looked out and saw her silhouette, cast as a shadow upon the world itself. At first, she was entertained by how it followed her, but she was lonely and got bored, and so she gave life to it. Her shadow, which she named Luna, became her twin. A darker version of herself, which she kept as her constant companion.[1]

It is said that Angelica cursed Mann and his descendants for his very existence, and cast him out of Haven as he was a being of darkness. It is referred to by the Qindred as "The Betrayal of Luna." Angelica created the Akashic Records so Mann's deeds would be recorded. It's said that through his deeds or misdeeds he could provide evidence of his goodness, and thus return to Haven.[2]

Angelica's Tears[ | ]

She is referenced in the Kickstarter stretch goal, "Seeds of Angelica's Tears" which are seeds that grow pine trees with glowing pine cones.

It is said the pine cones only glow when they get wet, thus it is said that when Angelica cries, the pine cones from her tree respond to her sadness and light up the night.[3]

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Trivia[ | ]

Angelica is also the name of the server that will serve the 'NA-West zone' of the community.

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