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Aging is an important gameplay dynamic in CoE and affects nearly all aspects of in game social structures and individual player progress. Characters in Elyria age at about a year per seven days (see Time). Player and Non-Player Characters' attributes and physical appearance are affected as a part of this process.

Lifespan[edit | edit source]


Players have three options when starting a new character: they may choose to start as a ward of the state and thus start at age 12 (see Ward), they can also choose an age 15 child in a family through a family selection process in character creation (see Family), or they may choose from an existing NPC who has their own set of uniquely advanced professions but may be at any age. From there, the player will age in real time until they reach old age (anywhere between 80 and 120 years depending on how they have lived their life). When their time comes, the character passes on, which causes permadeath and that character is no longer playable; the entire lifespan of a character is somewhere between 8 and 14 Earth months. The player keeps the soul from the character and may start the process over again in another character with a Spark of Life (which can be purchased with real currency or earned through Story Points).

Effects of Aging[edit | edit source]

Preview of Aging[1],

Age affects characters in multiple ways, including change in physical appearance and attributes. Some physical changes include tightening skin, balding, liver spots, and even height reduction in later years. Attributes are also affected by aging, as a character ages some attributes will naturally atrophy while others will become increasingly easier to learn (see Attributes). In regards to this, Caspian said, "Strength, Agility, and Stamina all become more difficult to maintain while Will, Reason, and Focus become easier. For social skills, it’s about half and half. Persuasion becomes harder to level (nobody listens to their elders), while both Intuition and Leadership become easier."[2]

Effects of Aging[edit | edit source]

Since everything in the game world occurs in real time, even while a player is not online, their character who will be behaving as an OPC will age.

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