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Adam V "Serpentius"
Community & Support Lead
Notable Works
Founding of HomeLAN Federation

Adam (known by the handle Serpentius) is the Community & Support Lead for Soulbound Studios. Adam's role in Soulbound Studios is in public relations and community management; he facilitates a healthy and active online presence, leading the designated player moderators and nurturing a friendly atmosphere on official COE community outlets like the Forums and Discord. Additionally, Serpentius is in charge of all customer service and support for Soulbound Studio and Chronicles of Elyria.

Early Career[ | ]

Serpentius' most notable prior experience in community management began in 1999, when he founded Federation High Command, also known as HomeLAN, a self-described "Haven for Serious Gamers" that hosted millions of players each month on its servers.[1] FHC provided numerous free services to multiplayer gaming communities like game servers, web hosting, and community management support.[2] Serpentius was in charge of a massive team of volunteer-moderators, paid contractors and some full-time employees who were admins of 500 game servers globally, for 30 or more different games, gaining contracts with EA and the US Army among other organizations/studios.

Also notably, Serpentius received a game credit for America's Army: Operations for hosting and administrating their official game servers at launch through HomeLAN.[1]

Later Work[ | ]

Management of some of the largest forums and communities in gaming, including HomeLAN (see early career).

Director of Community and Support for GameSamba[ | ]

Responsible for inception, growth, and upkeep of customer support, community management and Game Mastery teams for all games at GameSamba. Management of volunteers, and led community projects.

Invented and ensured the "GameSamba promise" of "When you're online, so are we."

Member Services Manager for Gaia Interactive, Inc.[ | ]

Managed all aspects of customer support, billing and financial management of customer service crew.

Most notably, Serpentius managed one of the largest forums on the internet at the time, with a team of 300+ moderators and 1-2 million new posts per day.

Manager, Community/Tournaments/Customer Service for Gamespot/CNET Networks[ | ]

Managed all aspects of customer support,oversaw a team of 4 employees and hundreds of remote volunteers, as well as management of all phone/email/forum support.

Private Life[ | ]

Serpentius grew up around games like Pong, Space Invaders, and Zaxxon and quickly took interest in the ever growing world of technology. He enjoys baking, reading or helping others (IT support) when he isn't working or playing games. [3]

Favorite Quotes:[ | ]

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.
~ Spock ST2

References[ | ]