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Achievements in Chronicles of Elyria are boons granted to souls for participating in the story in a meaningful way. Earning an Achievement comes with passive (and sometimes active) bonuses which can include new abilities, changes in social status or reputation, titles, and fame.[1]

Achievement Types[ | ]

There are three different types of Achievements in Chronicles of Elyria:

Claimed by anyone
Example: killing a daemon. While not common or easy, it is possible for many players to have the achievement at the same time, and in addition to other cool benefits comes with the title of Daemonslayer.
Claimed by one person at a time
Example: Being crowned Champion of the Colosseum. These types of achievements will often be held by the same player more than once.
Claimed once per server
Example: Killing a specific, legendary evil. There will never be another opportunity to earn the same Achievement on that server.

Achievements and Souls[ | ]

Achievements are bound to the soul. Once attained, an Achievement becomes a permanent part of a soul’s memory and past-life experiences. When a character ages and dies, the Achievement will be listed on the Soul Selection screen as a reminder that the Achievement was completed by that soul.

However, reincarnation is a trying experience. Death, and the process of rebirth, leaves a soul without its full memories.

  • Benefits from past-life Achievements may not be fully realized upon character creation.
  • Characters will exist with partial or secondary buffs until such time as their new character is able to complete the same Achievement again (if possible).
  • The process of re-completing a past-life Achievement, referred to as Déjà vu, unlocks the Achievement’s full potential - this time with compounding effect.

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